8 Ways to Create Patterns with Geo-Hex Tile

8 Ways to Create Patterns with Geo-Hex Tile

The time has finally come to officially introduce our signature pattern - Geo-Hex! Our Tile Artisans have been hard at work mastering the art of flawlessly fitting together our Large Hexagons and Medium Diamonds to create colossal custom designs without spending your colossal custom dollars. We’ve landed on the perfect homemade tile recipe and we can’t wait to share some projects with you. So without further ado, continue reading to see 8 ways to use this pattern to liven up your home, business or anywhere in between.

1. Geo-Hex Ombre Island

Starting the list off with our blissful Geo-Hex pattern, this ombre Brow Chic reception desk is definitely one for the books. Catch a glimpse from across the street through their floor to ceiling windows or get up close to see all the glorious details and intricacies of this beauty. Our Tile Artisans hit it out of the park with this homemade tile recipe. Made up of approximately 80% Hexagons and 20% Diamonds, this ombre Geo-Hex statement is sure to keep customers staring.

For more on this project, visit our blog “Dreamy Ombre Tile at Brow Chic Salon”

Geo-Hex Pattern - 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, 11 Deco White.Geo-Hex Pattern - 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, 11 Deco White.

2. Geo-Hex Kitchen Nook

Thanks to the help of the bold and daring Construction2Style, we were able to make Jason DeRusha’s kitchen dreams come true! This upbeat backsplash mirrors Jason’s witty sense of humor and personality, making it a perfect fit. We started off with a dramatic color scheme, then decided that mixing shapes will pull everything together. The combination of Medium Diamonds and Large Hexagons + floating shelves makes this Geo-Hex nook one of a kind.

For more on this project, visit our blog “Jason DeRusha’s Dramatic Kitchen Backsplash

Geo-Hex Pattern - 1013 Denim. Medium Diamonds - 22E Blue Opal, 155 Steel, 60 Silver Lining.Geo-Hex Pattern - 1013 Denim.Medium Diamonds - 22E Blue Opal, 155 Steel, 60 Silver Lining.
Interior Designer - Construction2Style
Photographer - Chelsie Lopez Production

3. Geo-Hex Statement Shower

Why settle for a space that has no character or spark? The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home and the décor should reflect that! Shed Tiny House did not hold back when they decided to renovate their bathroom by using a Geo-Hex pattern to create a stunning transition effect. Neutral color palettes makes this a bathroom anyone would enjoy lingering in!

For more on bathroom renovations, visit our blog “Reclaim Your Throne: Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Geo-Hex Pattern - 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey, 130 White, 11 Deco White, 301 MarshmallowGeo-Hex Pattern - 60 Silver Lining, 77E Grey, 130 White, 11 Deco White, 301 Marshmallow
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

4. Geo-Hex Stove Splash

We love how versatile stove splashes can be, and this multi-colored beauty is a perfect example! This design brings simplicity and drama together in such a unique way. The neutral Bluegrass sides frame the bursts of color while the other details of the kitchen bring everything together. The best way to describe this kitchen is dreamy! 

For more stove splash inspiration, visit our blog “5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs

Geo-Hex Pattern - 155 Steel, 22E Blue Opal, 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, 1036W BluegrassGeo-Hex Pattern - 155 Steel, 22E Blue Opal, 60 Silver Lining, 130 White, 1036W Bluegrass

5. Geo-Hex Floor

Switch things up from the usual hardwood or carpet and install this eye-candy mixed shape pattern! Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for high-traffic spaces due to the durability and how it’s easy to maintain. Could you imagine this timeless, stunning high variation glaze in your home?! 

For floor tile ideas, visit our blog “13 Mosaic Floor Tile Ideas For Your Home

Geo-Hex Pattern - 913 Old CopperGeo-Hex Pattern - 913 Old Copper

6. Geo-Hex Statement Wall

Tile is not just for homes, but also for experiences. This jaw dropping backdrop at Pinewood Wedding and Events is the perfect backdrop for any event. What makes it stand out is the incredible color palette paired with our Large Hexagon Planters which makes everything come to life. Making memories is what we strive for at Mercury Mosaics, and this statement wall embodies that flawlessly.

To learn ways on how to incorporate tile, visit our blog “10 Unique Ways to Incorporate Handmade Tile

Geo-Hex Pattern - 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 1036E Bluegrass, 28 Everglades, 901W Evening Shadow, 901E Evening Shadow + Large Hexagon PlantersGeo-Hex Pattern - 47 Vermont Pine, 1036W Bluegrass, 75 Emerald, 28 Everglades, Custom Color, 901E Evening Shadow + Large Hexagon Planters 
Photographer - Celisia Stanton at pinewood.mn

7. Geo-Hex Backsplash

Pairing the dazzling Hexagon & Diamond pattern with a singular glaze color proves that a little goes a long way. For those who like to keep things simple and classic, this is definitely the way to go. I mean, take a look at how fresh this Shed Tiny House kitchen looks with that green backsplash! The mixed shapes + one color creates such a playful mood while keeping things relaxed.

For more kitchen ideas, visit our blog “6 Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes

Geo-Hex Pattern - 134 Spanish MossGeo-Hex Pattern - Custom Color.
Interior Designer & Photographer - Shed Tiny House

8. Geo-Hex Rainbow Wall

Hair salons are known for being cheerful and upbeat, which is exactly why this custom piece fits right in at Steller Hair Co. The tile backsplash is inspired by kindness, courage, and acceptance of everyone for who they are. Owner Katie Steller’s catchphrase, ‘come as you are’, is seen written into the backsplash giving it a personal touch. Steller says, “This mosaic is a visual representation of community, support, and the beauty of connection.”

To read more about this project, visit our blog “Steller Backsplash Full of Personality” 

Geo-Hex Pattern - Custom Colors  At Steller Hair CoGeo-Hex Pattern - Custom Colors 
At Steller Hair Co

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