8 Bathroom Floor Ideas with Handmade Tile

8 Bathroom Floor Ideas with Handmade Tile

Bathroom floor tile can make a big statement (if you want it to). Whether it's a small powder room or a master bathroom, tile flooring sets the tone and foundation of the whole space. Here are 8 decorative bathroom floor tile ideas with handmade tile that will have you itching for your next home improvement project...

1. Emerald Diamond Floor

These glossy green diamond tiles are sure to dazzle any eyes laid upon them. This fabulous floor combines two of our favorite glazes: 75 Emerald and 47 Vermont Pine. Since our tiles are made by human hands, each tile is perfectly imperfect, meaning that the shade or hue is slightly different from one to the next. This character is what created this magical bathroom floor filled with personality.

Learn more about our favorite green glazes in our blog "Our 3 Most Popular Glossy Green Glazes"

Green Diamond Tiled FloorMedium Diamonds - 47 Vermont Pine75 Emerald.

2. Monochromatic Shower Floor

If an airy mid-century modern style is your vibe, then this shower floor is right up your alley. These monochromatic Small Moroccan Fish Scales are the perfect focal point to an otherwise minimalistic space. This blend of glazes has proven itself to flawlessly fit into homes that embrace a white and grey interior - so much so that you can order them straight from our online store!

For more on this project, visit our blog "Shower Floor with Bright Spring Colors"

Small Moroccan Fish Scale Bathroom FloorSmall Moroccan Fish Scales: 1064 Baby Blue, 45W My Blue Heaven, 43 Robin's Egg
Photography: Whitney Hawkins 

3. Wavy Cobalt Floor

Make waves with our Morocco inspired Wave Pattern that will have all of your guests in awe. This deep cobalt blue Moroccan Fish Scales is not only stunning but will hide any footprints or dirt on your bathroom floor. When tiling in a unique and eye-catching pattern, chances are those un-wanted scuff marks and paw prints will go unnoticed to the naked eye.

For more ways to create patterns with standard tile, visit our blog "Simple Ways to Create Patterns with Standard Tile"

Blue Moroccan Fish Scales Medium Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave Pattern – 21R Cobalt
Photography - Allen Craig Interiors

4. Single-Hued Hexagon Floor

Keep it sweet and simple with a single-hued Small Hexagon floor tile. For this classy and chic project, we used our 1036W Bluegrass glaze color, which is rich in tone and high in variation. This glossy glaze will show off it's deep teal tones leaving your bathroom in bohemian bliss. Pair it with brass hardware and cute slippers for extra style points!

For more Hexagon floor ideas, visit our blog "9 Projects to Inspire: Hexagon Floor Tile"

Bluegrass Hexagon Bathroom FloorSmall Hexagon - 1036W Bluegrass.
Photo: @thechloeconspiracy 

5. Floor to Wall Tile 

We've said it before and we'll say it again - two tiled surfaces are better than one! The best part about two tiled surfaces is that you have two times the space to get creative with shapes and colors. Choose from 12 different shapes, multiple patterns within those shapes, and 48 glaze colors. The options are endless! 

For more inspiring projects, visit our blog "Floor to Wall Tile Transition Ideas"

penny rounds bathroom floor tile
Large Moroccan Fish Scales - 12R Blue BellSmall Penny Rounds - 11 Deco White, 130 White. 

6. Hexagon Flower Pattern Floor

What better way to welcome in Spring and Summer than with a floral floor? Vintage meets modern with this posh and polished hexagon flower pattern. Sapphire Blue Subway Tile combined with our Hexagon Flower Tile transformed this project from a small bathroom into a master bath. 

For more on this project, head over to our blog "Stunning Sapphire Blue Tile Design for a Small Bathroom"

Flower Hexagon Bathroom Floor3"x8" Subway Tile - 23 Sapphire Blue. Small Hexagon Flower Pattern - 130 White, 45R My Blue Heaven, 23 Sapphire Blue
Photography - Pencil Shavings

7. Quilt Pattern Floor

Another option to get that desirable retro meets modern vibe is with our Quilt Pattern. This combination of triangles and squares takes Mid-Century Modern design to the next level. Play with whites, greys, and mustard yellows to create your perfect MCM palette. Even your pup will love it!

For more pattern inspiration, visit our blog "10 ways to Create Geometric Patterns with Ceramic Tile"

quilt Pattern Bathroom Floor Tile
3" Triangles - 815W Light Grey301 Marshmallow, 5 Tiger Tail. 4" Triangles- 155 Steel, 301 Marshmallow, 366 Satin Black. 

8. Matte Marshmallow Floor

We're all for getting our clients to think outside the box when it comes to handmade tile. We take pride in being a creative and forward thinking company so it's only natural that we want our tile to represent that. If you're not keen on color, how about try a different finish? These dreamy matte Marshmallow Moroccan Fish Scales will have you feeling like you're walking on clouds.

For more matte finishing options, visit our blog "Chic Matte & Satin Tile Finishes" 

Large Moroccan Fish Scale White Bathroom FloorLarge Moroccan Fish Scales - 301 Marshmallow

Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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