8 Areas To Use Ceramic Tile in Your Home

8 Areas To Use Ceramic Tile in Your Home

Ceramic tile is a versatile material that can be used in countless ways throughout your home. Whether using tile for utilitarian purposes in a shower or entryway, or for decorative reasons, like on a bar wall or backsplash, our handmade ceramic tile is the perfect fit for your next project. Take a look at some of the many ways you can use our beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic tile in your home décor.

1. Bar Area

The bar area can be the perfect place to add a small piece of luxury to your home. These herringbone 1x2’s are the appropriate size for this smaller space and compliment the warmth of the wooden bar top and open shelving. Who wouldn't love to come home after a long day to this beautiful home bar? 

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Mid Century Modern Bar BacksplashSmall Squares & Bricks - 65W Amber112 Saddle Clove1673 Espresso906R Burnt Sugar.
Photography - Chelsie Lopez Productions

2. Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is a more common space to have tile because it is the heart of the home. As opposed to the space above, this kitchen embraces a larger sized herringbone in one of our dreamiest glaze colors - 22E Blue Opal. You can see how important scale is when choosing the correct tile size, and who doesn’t love this high variation color?!

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2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 22E Blue Opal2"x6" Subway Tile, V-Caps - 22E Blue Opal.
Photography - Leslie Biggley

3. Mudroom

One of the more overlooked spaces in the home is the mudroom but having a tiled entrance can make all the difference it your home. Easy-to-clean and durable, our Large Hexagons are the ideal material for your mudroom floor.  This classic shape will stand the test of time, and the rich Espresso glaze is a warm welcome after a spring shower or winter snowstorm.

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Espresso Hexagon Tiled Floor
Large Hexagons - 1673 Espresso.
Photo by Chelsie Lopez Production.

4. Bathroom

Make a statement in your bathroom with these opulent Satin Black Large Diamonds. This stunning bathroom wall creates a textured background for the modern brass fixtures and streamlined ceramic sink. Feel like you're living in luxury with this incredible bathroom design.

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Large Satin Black Diamond TileLarge Diamonds - 366 Satin Black
Photography and Design - Workroom C

5. Shower Floor

Another popular area the in the bathroom to install our tile is the shower floor. Here we have our Small Fish Scales in a custom blue blend that add just the right amount of nautical color to this clean space. This blend of glazes has proven itself to flawlessly fit into homes that embrace a white and grey interior - so much so that you can order them straight from our online store! 

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Small Moroccan Fish Scale Shower FloorSmall Moroccan Fish Scales: 1064 Baby Blue, 45W My Blue Heaven, 43 Robin's Egg
Photography: Whitney Hawkins 

6. Kitchen Island

An often overlooked spot to add a pop of color is on your kitchen island. Subtle, yet impactful, these dark green 3x8’s are a beautiful compliment to the warm earth tones of the chairs, and welcomed contrast to the bright whites of the rest of the kitchen.

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3"x8" Subway Tile Bluegrass Kitchen Island3"x8" Subway Tile - 1036W Bluegrass.
Photography by 
Chelsie Lopez Production.

7. Fireplace

Fireplaces are meant to be the center of attention. So, why not give them the attention they deserve? This highlight is now the centerpiece of not only the room, but the entire house as you can see it from the front door. Designer, Emily Meszkat, created a big visual impact by having just 28 square feet of pink and purple Moroccan Fish Scales at the head of this "glamily room".

Large Moroccan Fish Scale Fireplace SurroundMedium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1011 Royal Purple, 615 Purple Plum, 815R Ash
Design - Emily Meszkat Design

8. Entryway

When welcoming people into your home, there is not a more beautiful and inviting way than with handmade tile. Here we have a unique blend of Large Diamonds in a star pattern that add an element of interest without being overwhelming. Consider our handmade ceramic tile as the new welcome mat.

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Diamond Tiled Floor EntrywayLarge Diamonds - 130 White, 815W Light Grey. 1"x6" Flat Liners - 39 London Fog 

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    Thanks for explaining where it could be good to use ceramic tile. I hadn’t considered that this could be a good material to have for an entryway because it’s durable. It also seems like a good area to put if you want to have a place to put shoes and whatnot. http://blackwellscarpet.com/ceramictile.html

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