6 Ways to Add Herringbone Tile to Your Home

6 Ways to Add Herringbone Tile to Your Home

Herringbone tile is one of our most popular tile patterns, and for good reason! It's sophisticated, simple, yet interesting enough to catch the eye every time. This versatile style offers something for everyone and looks good in a variety of areas in your home. For this blog, we're looking at our six ways to add herringbone wall and floor tile to your home. Get ready to fall in love with this look. 

1. Bold Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Add some spiciness to your kitchen by adding a bold tile color. The glaze color in this kitchen project takes the classic herringbone shape and turns it into an eye-catching display that all will love. Despite it's bold personality, Bluegrass is one of our most popular colors, proving that using a bright color can be a safe choice - no need to hide that personality!

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Teal Herringbone Tile Kitchen Backsplash
2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone -75 Emerald Photo by @pencilshavings


2. Herringbone Tile Accent

Sometimes a little tile can go a long way! There are two reasons we love to add tile accents. #1 It can dress up an otherwise neutral tile installation, adding a pop of color to make the whole project look more fun and custom. #2 It can boost the natural architecture of a space, just like in the project below. When playing with accents we look for little areas that would otherwise go unnoticed such as shower niches, kitchen islands, the backs of built-ins, and office nooks. For this stunning space at The Coven, we tiled inside a natural arch drawing attention to the beauty of the building's original design. To top it off we added this co-working space's motto in custom lettering "Do the Most Good." 

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Pink Herringbone Tile Accent 

2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 309E Grapefruit. Custom Tile Lettering - 366 Satin Black. Photo of The Coven by @emilyquandahlart

3. Warm Herringbone Floor Tile

Bring on the coziness by adding a warm hue to your herringbone mosaic floor tile. This golden glaze makes this herringbone tile reminiscent of a yellow brick road...and it's just as dreamy! The unique variation and detail of our handmade tile is sure to have all guests floored when they walk into your home. Good news? Our tile is durable and easy to clean. So it's perfectly suited to be added to a high traffic area of your home. 

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Orange Herringbone Tile Floor 

2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 112 Saddle Clove.

4. Minimal Herringbone Shower Walls

Sometimes simplicity is king...and herringbone does it well. Keep it minimal by only using a neutral color palette like this shower below. Maintain interest by including an array of similar hues to create variation that will catch the eye. Top off the look with a surrounding white interior for an airy ambiance with a spa-like vibe. 

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White Herringbone Tile Bathroom 

2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 130 White. Photo by @joineryanddesignco

5. Ombre Herringbone Tiled Bar Backsplash

There are few things we love more than a tiled ombre project. What better place for this fun tile technique than a bar backsplash? Although ombre is typically vertical, for this project we went horizontal for something a little different. We think this choice is particularly flattering because of the way the tile gets lighter as it gets nearer to the window and natural light. This project is in our friends from Construction2style's basement. They wrote a great blog detailing the design process, you can read it here

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Ombre Herringbone Tile Bar 

2”x6” Herringbone - 1036W Bluegrass, 61 Navy, 958 Rainforest, 155 Steel, 1013 Denim, 22E Blue Opal, 77E Grey, 130 White, 11 Deco White. @construction2style basement remodel. Photo by @ksolbergphoto

6. Laundry Backsplash with Dark Herringbone Tile

Oh the laundry room. An often neglected space with so much design potential. Does this project make you ready to remodel yours immediately or is it just us? We love this dark and matte take on Scandinavian Modern style. And we always support open shelving...it shows off more of your beautiful handmade tile. 

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Matte Herringbone Tile Laundry Backsplash

2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 28 Everglades. Photo by @joineryanddesignco


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