5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs

5 Stunning Stove Splashes Your Kitchen Needs

7The kitchen is the heart of the home-- it beats in between all of the meals that you cook, dishes that you wash, memories that you make. The tile that you choose should reflect how you want your kitchen to make you feel. We’ve found five of our favorite recent stove splash designs that represent a wide range of possibility for you and your kitchen. 

1. A Breath of Fresh Air

This Heartbeet Kitchen design is everything we've always dreamed of in a backsplash. This light and airy custom Medium Diamond statement wall is the perfect greeting upon entering this kitchen. The neutral ombre color palette is made all the more interesting with a bold "river" running through it. The organic edging creates a natural movemenft that relaxes the design and frames the luxurious stove and hood. The exposed tiles are edge-glazed, adding that final polished detail that sets our handmade tile apart. We are in love with this modern, interesting, yet timeless kitchen design.

To see what our friends over at Heartbeet Kitchen are cooking up in this gorgeous space, head over to their site for recipes and more!

Handmade Diamond Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Medium Diamonds - 301 Marshmallow, 9 Historic White, 56 Parchment, 815W Light Grey, 912W Cloudy Sky, 214 Coastal Breeze, 22E Blue Opal.

Styling: @Creekwoodhill@francois_et_moi

Installation: @bcherney

Photography: @Sageeimagery


2. Modern Retro Chic

The happiest room in any house is usually the kitchen, and this playful palette of Medium Diamonds exudes that in spades. Sophisticated and full of energy, this stove splash adds a charming touch to a classic looking kitchen. The pink is unexpected, yet comfortable in this space. The black, white, and grey tile makes the design graphic and clean. Adding a couple of pink accents throughout the kitchen ties the room together, and let's face it, is totally adorable. 

For more standard designs with handmade tile, visit our blog "Simple Ways to Create Patterns with Standard Tile"

Pink Handmade Diamond Tile Backsplash

Medium Diamonds - 613 Black, 130 White, 39 London Fog, custom pink color.

Photography: @slay_at_home

3. Mid-Century Modern Warmth

Orange and green are a classic Mid-Century Modern color pairing. Earthy yet vibrant, this color combination contrasts the richness of the burnt orange tiles against the freshness of the green cabinets. This complements the natural wood tones of the open shelving and ceiling, and the variation of earth tones used in the decor adds texture and dimension to this already impressive space. This modern cabin feel is inviting and stylish. 

For more mid-century modern tile designs, visit our blog "10 Mid Century Modern Designs with Handmade Tile" 

Mid Century Modern Burnt Orange Tile Backsplash

2x6 Subway Tile - custom color



Interior Design: @lucyinteriordesign

4. Classic Sophistication 

Sometimes the best way to showcase our Medium Diamonds to just let them shine. This emerald green showstopper checks all of the right boxes—it's clean, dynamic, contemporary, and just plain beautiful. The geometric grout lines give dimension to the wall, while the open shelving breaks up the space, balancing the boldness of the color and design. The matching green island and gold fixtures add a sophistication only matched by our exquisite handmade tile.

For more on this project, visit our blog "Dazzling Diamond Kitchen Backsplash" 

Dazzling Emerald Green Diamond Kitchen BacksplashMedium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Photography: @alyssaleephotography

5. Monochromatic Ombre

Cool, calm, collected: This thoughtful kitchen project provides a clean and modern space for cooking, while pushing the boundaries of design. The pixilated tile pattern made of tiny handmade 1x3’s is a refreshing take on ombre design. The small size of the tile makes the space look bigger, and the gradient vertical dark to light draws the eye upward making the ceiling look taller. The appliances and cabinets continue the monochrome trend, matching the tile perfectly. This custom stove splash is one of our all-time favorites.

For more bright white tile designs, visit our blog "7 Bright White Handmade Tile Installs", and visit this link for more on how to install ceramic tile.

Scandinavian handmade white tile kitchen backsplash

1x3's - 11 Deco White, 130 White, 77E Grey

Photography: @creekwoodhill

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