2022 Tile Trend Forecast

2022 Tile Trend Forecast

We are so excited to see what the tile world has in store for us in 2022. We're predicting warm hues, vibrant kitchens, peaceful pastels, and much more for this coming year. Continue reading to see 6 projects to inspire your new year.

1. Warming up in 2022

Coming in hot in 2022 is warm tile! This Emily Pueringer designed space is hot off the press so we took that as a sure sign of things warming up in the tile world. In our opinion this deliciously rich glaze runs the show in this design. For those with earthy spirits, 906R Burnt Sugar glaze is perfect for a welcoming environment with casual elegance. From terra-cotta floors to MCM backsplashes, this cozy color is timeless and trendy.

Emily says that warm hues aren't the only trend on the rise in 2022 but the warmth of the handmade product and story behind it are definitely making an imprint in the design world. Homeowners love to see the clay properties peek out at you, the variation in the hand painted glaze, and the unique characteristics of the handmade tile brings a human warmth to the space. 

For more on this space, visit our blog "Project Chateau Margaux Handmade Tile Home Tour"

Warm Hexagon Bathroom FloorLarge Hexagons - 96 Chestnut
Interior Designer - Emily Pueringer
Photography - Rubinksi Works
Installation - Quality Cut Design Remodel

2. Mixing the Old with the New

Handmade tile in itself is an ode to the olden days. We like to think our tile has the same honest charm, quality detail and meticulous craftsmanship that you see from tile across the world dating back hundreds of years. We take this unmatched vintage charm and put our own modern twist on it. We adore coming up with new shapes, patterns, glaze colors to stay trendy in the tile world while still staying true to the roots of this artisan craft. Mercury Mosaics tile is totally in its own lane. That's why we are loving this new modern vintage trend.

Patticake Wagner's ensuite bathroom project is a work in progress but it's just too good not to share. This project is near and dear to our hearts because Patti is all for restoring old houses while staying true to the integral beauty of the home. We brainstormed a new pattern with Patti to do just that for her very own 1927 Tudor home. Inspired by a 1920's Tudor pattern with a modern twist, our signature Victorian Pattern is the perfect way to mix the old with the new. It gives off a true sense of royalty that we can't wait for Patti to experience every time she enters the room. Stay tuned for updates on this jaw-dropping space!

To learn more about Patti's process, visit our blog "Patticake Wagner's Ensuite Bath Mood Board & Tile Selections."

Patticake Wagner Bathroom Floor

3"x6" Subway, Chair Rail, Cove Base - 11 Deco White.
Victorian Pattern - 11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 123R Patina, 123W Patina (Custom Color).
Interior Design - Patticake Wagner

3. A Touch of Texture

Our friends over at Str8 Modern deserve a standing ovation for this tile design. We're seeing texture pop up everywhere in the tile world and this bar backsplash proves it. Our talented tile artisans have mastered the art of textured ceramic tile and we are itching to see more this year. This project uses glossy 613 Black,  matte 366 Satin Black, and iridescent 155 Steel to create a drastically dynamic look. 2022 is the year for textured tile and we are totally here for it! 

For more black-glazed tile designs, visit our blog "6 Examples of Black Tile for the Home"

Studio Grey Chevron Bar BacksplashMedium Diamonds in Chevron Pattern - 613 Black 366 Satin Black155 Steel.
Design & Build by Str8Modern
Photographer by Alyssa Lee Photography
Lighting by Hennepin Made

4. Vibrant Kitchens

This Mustard May kitchen made the inspiration list for not only one, but two reasons. First, we are predicting an uptick in colorful kitchens this year. With more time spent at home than ever this past year, homeowners are turning to their kitchens for daily home-cooked meals and comforting chocolate chip cookies. In turn, we're already seeing more and more vibrant, colorful kitchen because if your kitchen is inspiring, your cooking will be, too.

Second, we are forecasting a rise in Triangles. These sleek and chic Small Triangles are climbing to the top of the tile charts and we are loving it. Plus, the 75 Emerald glaze makes these glossy beauties shine even more. I mean.. how cute are these Small Triangles?!

For more ways to use triangle tile, visit our blog "New Triangle Collection: Triangles"

Emerald Triangle BacksplashSmall Triangles - 75 Emerald 
Photography and Interior Design by Mustard May I

5. Plethora of Plants

When you can't go outside, bring it in! With so many people quarantining in their homes this year, it's inevitable that people are bringing the beauty of nature into their homes. We have a sweet spot for greenery and tile so we thought why not combine our two favorite things? Our tile planters are the perfect way to add a classy touch of mother earth to your tile design. Since these beauties are a totally custom option, our designers will work with you on shape and glaze color!

For more on our custom tile planters, visit our blog "6 Ceramic Tile Planters Ideas for your Next Project"

Studio Grey Planter BacksplashLarge Hexagons & Custom Tile Planters - 958 Rainforest.
Interior Design - Studio Grey Design

6. Pretty in Pastels

With the hectic year we've had, it's no surprise that some people are turning towards peaceful colors to calm their spirits. We'd love to see more pastel colored Subway Tile popping up in 2022 for kitchens, bathrooms or wherever your harmonious longing heart desires. This project has us dreaming of a beach vacation that seems long overdue. From pale pinks, baby blues and soft greens, our new and improved color palette has it all. 

For more pastel tiled projects, visit our blog "Beach Inspired Tile your Shore to Adore"

Pastel Subway Tile Kitchen3"x6" Subway Tile - 913 Old Copper.
Interior - Kingdom Builders
Photography - Moch Snyder

Runner Up: Do the Most Good

We couldn't resist adding this amazing project to the list of inspiration for 2022. We love the message behind this mosaic. We are striving to do the most good every day at Mercury Mosaics. This past year amidst the global pandemic and civil unrest, our team has grown massively not only in number but in unity. We are listening, we are learning and we are committed to being a true community driven company. With that being said, "Do the Most Good" is 100% on our forecast as a small business for 2022 and beyond.

To learn more about this incredible community space, visit The Coven.

Artful Tiled Arches2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - Custom Color. Custom Lettering - 366 Satin Black.
Interior Design by Studio BV at The Coven
Photography by Gaffer Photography
Installation by Aurora Tile Works

Order tile samples to see, touch, and fall in love with our handmade tiles in person. We would also love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your future project and get the ball rolling

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