10 Ways to Incorporate Handmade Tile

10 Ways to Incorporate Handmade Tile

Handmade tile is an expressive material that can add personality and artistic integrity to your home or business. We literally make everything from hand, and that allows us to design from within the distinct characteristics of our product. From the variation of our glaze application to the hand-cut quality of our tile, each tile is different and contributes to the overall beauty of our product. We hope this list of inspirational projects can get your wheels turning in the right direction towards your dream tile.

1. Transform your Bathroom into a Spa

Who says you can’t have a spa day at home? This nautical bathroom accent wall is a true illustration of the possibilities of our tile. Using just one glaze color- 1015E Caribbean Blue- we applied the glaze in varying thicknesses to achieve a high variation that shows depth and character. The movement of color across our signature Fish scale shape is of what dreams are made of.

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales Carribean Blue Bathroom

Medium Moroccan Fish Scales- 1015E Caribbean Blue.
Photo by Born Imagery

1. Add an Accent

Sometimes less is more, especially when you choose a playful palette of Bubbles! Our Bubbles line has been with us from the beginning, and the fun and varying shapes add a sense of whimsy to any installation. Here, the client chose a small framed stove splash to show their design sensibility without overtaking the kitchen. The Bubble palette compliments the teal retro appliances and perfectly ties the space together.

Bubbles stovesplash
Bubbles - Custom Color Palette. Browse our Ready to Ship Stove splashes here.

3. Convey a Message

More glamorous than an inspirational kitten poster, this custom, hand cut mosaic is a true showstopper. From the pale pink herringbone tile, to the hand drawn phrase, to the arch that frames the design, this installation is truly impressive. Want to be inspired every single day? Custom lettering may be perfect for you. What phrase inspires you?

Custom Tile Lettering2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone - 309E Grapefruit. Custom Tile Lettering - 366 Satin Black. Photo of The Coven

4. Welcome Your Customers

Wave pattern Fish scales wrapped around a ceiling? An ombre of Fish scales transitioning to the floor? AND delicious coffee?? This installation has it all. We’ve worked with Bluestone Lane for a while now, and this take away counter in West Hollywood is one of our favorites. This project proves that using multiple elements of design within a custom space, and executing it perfectly leads to all great things. Want to bring in some business? Work with us to make a truly Instagram-worthy knockout for your business.

Floor to Ceiling Tiled EntrywayLarge Moroccan Fish Scales in Wave - 12 Blue Bell, 32 Canton Jade, 1065 Mint Julep1017E Sea Mist, 101 Lagoon, 1036W Bluegrass.
Photo by @bluestonelane 

5. Create a Backdrop

Another detail-oriented design, this stunning backdrop is fit for a queen (or a bride, for that matter). Large Hexagons mixed with Medium Diamonds plus accents of our custom Hexagon Planters, this impressive wall at Pinewood Wedding and Events is the perfect background for any event. And doesn’t her dress just pop?! We at Mercury Mosaics want to make tile not just for your everyday, but to help enhance the events in your life that you will remember forever. Whether it's an event space or your kitchen, we want to create a beautiful backdrop to where your most important memories will be made.

Emerald Green Hexagon Statement WallGeo-Hex Pattern and Custom Lettering - 28 Everglades47 Vermont Pine1036W Bluegrass901E Evening Shadow, 901W Evening Shadow75 Emerald Photo by @celisiastanton at @pinewood.mn

6. Mix Your Mediums

We love collaborating with other artists across varying mediums to not only complement our tile, but to create a space that feels organic and beautiful. The organic-cut wood floor frames our Large Hexagons in a way that makes the transition feel seamless. The neutral palette has movement without being too loud. And what better way to wow your guests as they first enter your home, than with gorgeous custom floor tile!?

Hexagon Tile to Wood Floor TransitionLarge Hexagons - 815W Light Grey, 220 Sooty Grey, 912R Cloudy Sky
Photo by Chelsie Lopez Production.

7. Glam Up Your Fireplace

This already impressive space is tied together by our Large Fish scales surrounding the fireplace. With this tasteful pop of color, the room is fun, yet elegant. The balance of the décor allows the purple palette of Fish scales to be the focal point of this ornate room. Find fireplace tile ideas here.

Art Deco Medium Moroccan Fish Scale Fireplace
Medium Moroccan Fish Scales - 1011 Royal Purple, 615 Purple Plum, 815R Ash
Photo and Design by Emily Meszkat

8. Embrace Geometry

Few things are more satisfying than a perfect design. This look is created using standard sheets of tile that fit together to create a larger geometric pattern. Imagine the possibilities with different colors and arrangements, helping you to create a custom look with a standard design. Our designers can help you create the perfect look for your space!

Quilt Design Floor2x2 Subway Tile & Triangles Quilt Pattern - 366 Satin Black, 301 Marshmallow, 39 London Fog, 1013 Denim.

9. Create a Vibe

This color blocked Fish scale pattern is satisfying and unique. The bold color choice used underneath the bar is a tasteful way to show a serious pop of color without overwhelming the space. This shows that you can create a vibe while enhancing your brand, all in one design.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tiled BarLarge Moroccan Fish Scales - Custom Colors.
Photo by Connie Zhou, from Fish Cheeks NYC Instagram

10. Glam Up Your Greenery

If you’re looking for a lush feel with a three-dimensional element, our Large Hexagon Planters are a distinctive accent for your bathroom or garden wall. With a built-in shelf our Planters are perfect for succulents and air plants that want a little boost. They can also be used in showers for holding soap or other bathroom essentials. A truly handmade work of art, these Hexagon Planters will take any space to the next level.

Large Hexagon Custom Tiled PlanterLarge Hexagon Custom Tiled Planter - 47 Vermont Pine.

We love to hear what inspires you! Tell us more about your project for a free quote!

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