10 Mid-Century Modern Designs with Handmade Tile

10 Mid-Century Modern Designs with Handmade Tile

Mid-Century Modern style is a movement of interior, product, graphic design, and architecture that many of us hold dear to our design hearts. From 1945 to the late 70s, this style swept the nation with clean lines, pops of color, funky patterns, and natural textures. This style, with so much class and character, is still sought-after today. Here are 10 ways to incorporate handmade tile into Mid-Century Modern designs…

1. Wood Texture

Wooden elements are commonly featured in Mid Century Modern subway tile backsplash design. Known for its smooth grain texture, these Turn of the Century designers commonly use Teak. From wood paneling to wood furniture, MCM lovers can’t get enough of this natural texture. Get creative and add an extra natural element to your design with ceramic Mid Century Modern tile. 

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Mid Century Modern Tile BacksplashMid Century Modern Tile Backsplash2"x6" Subway Tile - Custom Color
Photography by Spacecrafting Photography
Architecture by Sala Architects
Interior Design by Lucy Interior Design

2. Color is Key

Color is key when it comes to a MCM tile backsplash design. Choose a palette with mustard yellows, turquoise blues, pale salmons, and olive greens. We created our signature Eichler Blend based on this Palm Springs Eichler house filled with Modern Style inspiration. We adore the pop of color in this Mid Century backsplash.


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Mid Century Modern Diamond Tiled KitchenEichler Blend Kitchen BacksplashMedium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
Interior Design & Photography - Fox Homes
Photography - Tiff Mueller & Icons MKGT


3. Pick a Retro Pattern

Patterns are an iconic part of Mid Century Modern floor tile design. Known for their repetitive circles and squares with sleek lines, they almost look futuristic while still keeping to the past. Luckily, we are suckers for a Bauhaus Inspired floor pattern. Whether it's circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, or anything in between, we are happy to help you come up with the pattern of your MCM dreams.

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London Pattern Tile FloorLondon Pattern Tile FloorLondon Pattern - 366 Satin Black1036W Bluegrass958 Rainforest28 Everglades901E Evening Shadow. 3"x6" Subway Tile, Bullnose Tile, Cove Base - 1036W Bluegrass
Interior Design by Construction2Style 
Photography by Emily John Photography.

4. Try Some Texture

Mid Century design elements and texture go together like milk and cookies. A safe bet for this concept is to try it out with a neutral palette so you can play with textures and patterns without worrying about clashing colors. These duo grey ombre hexagon mosaic tile entry-ways are the perfect complement for an eccelectic Modern Decorative house.


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Mid Century Modern Hexagon Floor TileMid Century Modern Hexagon EntrywayLarge and Small Hexagons - 815W Light Grey, 912R Cloudy Sky, Custom Color
Photography by Chelsie Lopez Production
Home remodeling and tile install by Kinetic Design Build

5. Dress up the Bar

If you've ever seen the AMC series "Mad Men" then you know that having an in-home fully stocked bar was extremely important during this era. Cocktail culture and Mid-Century Modern design go hand-in-hand. Dress up your bar with sparkly Mid century tile mosaic Diamonds in jewel tones to make a lasting impression on your guests. Our 75 Emerald is the perfect glossy option for a Mid Century tiled home bar.

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Mid-Century Modern Tiled BarEmerald Diamond Tiled BarMedium Diamonds - 75 Emerald
Interior Design by Emily Pueringer of Quality Cut Design | Remodel
Photography by Alyssa Lee Photography

6. Use a Pop of Warmth

Everything is better in moderation- This saying holds true when it comes to Mid Century tile designs, too. This trend is all about pops of color in moderation. These spaces tend to have a majority of neutrals in with pops of yellow, orange blue or green. This Mid-Century Modern tiled kitchen shows the true beauty of the perfect pop of color. 

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Geo-Hex Pattern – 11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 29E Lake Superior, 45W My Blue Heaven, 24 Dandelion, 32 Canton Jade.Geo-Hex Pattern  11 Deco White, 77E Grey, 60 Silver Lining, 29E Lake Superior, 45W My Blue Heaven, 24 Dandelion, 32 Canton Jade.
Photography by Sage E Imagery
Styling by Creekwood Hill

7. Focus on a Focal Point

Mid Century Modern design tends to have one stand-out piece, whether it's an emerald couch, funky rug, or a retro piece of art. The Diamond sink splash is the perfect example of how a handmade tile design can be the focal point in your Art Nouveau inspired design. 

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Medium Diamonds - Eichler BlendMedium Diamonds - Eichler BlendMedium Diamonds - Eichler Blend
3”x6” Subway Tile & Flat Liners - 11 Deco White
Interior Design & Photography by Emily Pueringer

8. Flip it Vertical

Mid Century Modern design is known for clean and sleek  vertical lines. Traditionally, vertical lines are known for stability and height. They also have a tendency to raise your eye, mind, and spirit when walking into a room. Vertically stacked Subway Tiles in a jewel tone is the perfect option for an Art Deco bathroom wall.

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Vertical Subway Tile Bathroom
2"x6" Subway Tile - 47 Vermont Pine, Custom Color.
Photography and Design by Fox Homes 

9. Don't Forget Foliage

If you're browsing Pinterest for Mid Century Modern tile backsplash ideas, you're sure to be overwhelmed with a plethora of indoor greenery. Since Mid Century Modern design is all about natural elements, it only makes sense for foliage to play a large role in this trend. If you're a plant lover like we are, then you'll adore our custom tile planters. Perfect for succulents and air plants, these handmade planters will fulfill your Mid Century tile dreams.

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Mid Century Modern Diamond TileMedium Diamonds with Custom Planters in - 920 Midnight Sky, 912W Cloudy Sky, 155 Steel and Custom Colors.Medium Diamonds with Custom Planters in - 920 Midnight Sky, 912W Cloudy Sky, 155 Steel and Custom Colors.

10. Go For Gold

With retro sunburst clocks and shiny brass furniture legs, there's no denying that gold is a key element in Mid Century Modern design. And needless to say, handmade tile and gold accents are an ideal pair. We particularly love this project because the grout appears to have a gold hue due to the warm lighting. Choose tile that contrasts with your hardware and the details (that you worked so hard on) of your Mid Century Modern tiled space will never go unnoticed.

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Satin Black Diamond Tile
Large Diamonds - 366 Satin Black
Photography and Design - Workroom C

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